Welcome to the HeatHack programme for community buildings. This guide provides the reading materials for the programme. As well as a general introduction to explain what the programme is for and what it will be like, it contains reading materials for each of the sessions that introduce some basic concepts. At the end, we give instructions for how to use the basic thermal monitoring equipment that is supplied as part of the supported phase of the programme. There is a separate guide for the two group facilitators - one, a volunteer engineer, and the other, part of the community around the building - to use in running the small group sessions.

These reading materials are not our last word on the subject - we will be using your experiences to improve them, and in July 2023 we will ensure all of the materials are openly available, including instructions for how to buy thermal monitoring equipment or build it cheaply from electronic components, so that anyone can use them.

This release is a sample containing just the introduction and technology guide, so we can get a sense of whether the format is suitable.