Accessing the thermal monitoring data#

If you have an internet-connected monitor and want to know if it is currently sending data to the internet or has been recently, you can view your ThingSpeak feed. Most venues have the URL printed on their box. If you don’t, you can use your venue number to find your feed from this list:

ThingSpeak saves all the data, but only gives public access to the last 2000 data points.

At least twice a day, we copy the data to Github for better plotting and so that you can have easy access to download it for plotting in Excel if you wish. Again, you need your venue number, this time to choose it from the dropdown list. The venue keys file has a reminder of your ThingSpeak channel number if you need it.

There are a couple of pieces of information that can be useful along with the data - if you move your sensor around, a diary of its location, plus a diary of building use. You can keep this data any way you like, but we aim to provide plots that show these against the data in future. For these, we would use these templates.