Name the location, download the data and restart#

type URL

You should now see the sensor unit’s interface. Check the temperature and relative humidity shown look sensible. If not, see the troubleshooting page.

For the location, enter a word or two that will remind you where you’ve left the unit; for instance “main-hall”. You can use hyphens and underscores if you wish, but avoid spaces. Please try to use the same description for the same location every time.

When you press “download data and start”, your phone will download a file containing the data and then start logging. You have four minutes to do this but the battery will last longer if you are faster.

Please use “download and start” even if you have no data to download and only wish to start the sensor recording. The sensor will record data when it is turned on even if you don’t, but it won’t get the correct date and time.