Where to put the sensor unit#

When you decide where to put the thermal monitor’s sensor unit, it should be:

  • somewhere representative of what people will feel

  • not in a corner or anywhere else with poor airflow

  • not in direct sun or influenced by a heating source like a radiator

  • not very close to a very cold wall (for instance, external stone walls)

  • not close enough to an actual person to be influenced by their body heat

  • not where it will be hit by footballs, thrown around by children, and so on.

These are the same rules as for thermostats, and sometimes next to the thermostat is a good choice, although some of them can be very badly sited!

Blutak can mark many surfaces and tape can leave permanent marks on stonework. In some spaces you may need to be inventive - tying string around the sensor as if it were a present and then using another piece of string to hang it from a pillar, for instance. If you do hang it somewhere, be careful that it cannot injure anyone if it falls.


It can be hard to remember where you put the sensor unit - one easy way is to take a picture on your phone that shows the surrounding context. Then if you forget, you’ll know exactly where to look.

sensor unit location photo

If you have more than one space you want to monitor, you can move your sensor unit around - but you will need to record where the monitor was when. One way to do this is using our monitor location diary template.