Technology Guide#

We will send you devices you can use to collect temperature and relative humidity data for your spaces.

If your venue does not have wifi, you have one box, a sensor unit. You will need to put it somewhere representative of the space and then connect to it every week or two to download and send us the data.

If your venue has wifi then you will have two boxes: a sensor unit and a base station or “hub” that will take readings from the sensor and send them to us automatically. The sensor unit has to be somewhere that reflects how people will feel in a space, but the hub just needs to be plugged in within radio range of the sensor unit.

sensor unit

We built our own cheap devices because it helps to get the readings instantly on line - which we can do for venues with wifi. However, it’s perfectly possible to follow along on our materials without our devices, using a commercial logger. They cost around £50 for temperature or £70 for temperature with relative humidity. They just save the data on the device and let you plug them into a computer, usually using USB, to download them. There are sometimes cheaper unknown brands available. We’ve never tested their accuracy. If you use one it is best to check them against something with known good readings to make sure.


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