Instructions for standalone version#

If your premises don’t have wifi, you only have a sensor unit. It saves the data for you to retrieve and email to us for processing. You should do this every week or two, or else its memory will fill up. You’ll probably want to use a smartphone to do this, but you could instead use a tablet or laptop. The sensor unit starts recording data again automatically.

sensor unit

Every time you turn the sensor unit on, it starts a temporary wifi hotspot (called an “access point”) that can be used only to retrieve the data and start the sensor unit running. You connect to it just like any other wifi network, but it can’t be used to reach the internet. When you connect, the sensor unit gets the right time automatically and will let you choose some options like describing where you are putting the unit.

Try connecting to the sensor unit at home first, with these instructions showing on a different phone or laptop if you have one - it will be much easier to follow along and then your phone will remember some of the steps.

Overview for technophiles

  • turn the sensor box off for ten seconds, then on again

  • connect to the “engineer” wifi hotspot using the password “heathack”

  • visit using your browser

  • describe where you are placing the sensor

  • download the data (which also starts the device)

  • email the data to

The remaining pages in this section show the full steps to connect. The process is very similar whether you use a phone, tablet, or laptop.