Check for data#

If you’ve used the wifi in this building before, your device might automatically connect to it again and give you internet access, but if not, you’ll need to use your wifi settings to connect manually.

Check for data by using your web browser’s address bar to visit the thingspeak address written on the outside of your monitor.

Where to find the ThingSpeak address
What you will see on Thingspeak

Your ThingSpeak page might look a bit different as we have to set up each one by hand and don’t always remember.

The page has read-out of the most recent temperature received along with how long ago ThingSpeak received it. If you have only just turned the monitor off and on, this should be recent. The website usually shows the reading within a minute or two. Occasionally there are long delays. We are asking the service provider about them.

If you don’t see recent data on ThingSpeak, you probably entered the wrong password and will need to try again.