Finding your downloaded data#

On a laptop, your data file will appear in the same directory as other files you download from the internet.

On most phones and tablets, you will get a notification that a file has downloaded. The file will be called ‘datalog.csv’ although the filename may also include some numbers and parentheses if you have downloaded data before. You can tell which file is correct because it is the most recent one. If there are numbers in the filenames, it is usually the one with the highest number.

If you do not get a notification, you may need to hunt to find your data, for instance, by looking for apps called things like “My Files” or by searching for “datalog”. If you ask us for help, you will need to tell us exactly what kind of device you are using and what software it runs.

You may not be able to open the file if you do not have the appropriate software, but you don’t need to do this. Other devices may automatically open the file.

For people used to csv files

If you are used to spreadsheets, how to work with the file will probably be obvious to you. Keep in mind that if you use the downloaded file, the reading times will get less and less accurate as time elapses. When we correct the times in the data, we adjust all the timestamps so that the last data timestamp in the file matches the file download time, distributing the difference equally.