HeatHack Data Book#

This website shows plots of temperature and relative humidity data for HeatHack’s participating venues. To view your data, you’ll need your venue number. We don’t use venue names, for security.

We are still adding venues who recently had their sensors shipped to them, and getting the automatic transfer of data organised - please bear with us.

We will add more types of plots when we have more data coming in.

Data won’t be transferred here from ThingSpeak or from our data email instantly. It currently happens once a week but we’ll make that more frequent. If you want to see whether you have data coming in right now and you have an internet-connected sensor, you can look at your recent data on ThingSpeak:

If you prefer to plot your data in Excel, you can download your full data here:

If you any issues, for instance, with the timestamp format, let us know - our Excel handles it natively, but yours may not.